Ilbak Boys – The 1st Album

(Credit: Katjacute)

(So sr because my mistake – In ur web, I saw credit of pic, so I thought this is credit of album)

Download here:

Track list: 

(1) Bok-Bul-Bok song
(2) 1 Night 2 Days song
(3) Oppa SaengGak
(4) Red Sunset
(5) Let’s Go On Vacation
(6) Emergency Room
(7) Mujogon
(8) Noeul
(9) JungDokDwen Sarang
(10) Bonus Track: Baemnida
(11) Bonus Track: How Dare You


2 comments on “Ilbak Boys – The 1st Album

  1. gaea says:

    Hello dear, wanna share some thought.
    The album are not credited to kr4ever, the real credit belong to @katjacute in twitter, the owner of, you can see the link when she post this:

    The album also posted in 1n2dfansubs, and as you can see the credit belong to katjacute, here is the link:

    The kr4ever credit only belong to the pict of the 8 member, please apologize to her, and change the credit
    Thank you

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